Wow Legion Gear Changes

New PvP Honor System

  • Honor System Version 3 - focused on optional additional replay system that unlocks prestige items.
  • Honor rank 1-50 : as you progress, you earn perks, bonuses, talents.
  • New separate PvP Talent System. This allows cool PvP talents to be added that may have been cut in a previous expansion due to lack of PvE use.
  • PvP gear is receiving some changes. It will no longer have unique stats like Dual Item Level, Resilience. There are no PvP specific sets.
  • Gear has less of an impact in PvP. Beyond a certain item level, you get drastically diminished returns from item level. For example, the best raider in the game might have a 7% advantage in PvP over a fresh lvl 110.
  • Examples: Abolish Magic, Adaptation, Blood and Soil, Initiation, Mind Quickness, Necrotic Strike.
  • Prestige: Gain Prestige Ranks. If you want, you can reset your honour level and go through it again for cosmetic reasons.
  • Earn Portrait Badges to see how many times you have "Prestiged", unique mounts (ex was Black Warhorse), Unique PvP Artifact Variants
  • New free-for-all PvP area in Legion Dalaran, where you bribe guards to make them go away.