WoW Mulgore Quests Guides

The green, verdant plains of Mulgore are home to the noble tauren. Mulgore is nestled in the foothills of the Stonetalon Mountains to the north, and protected by a natural wall of mountains on all sides. The only pass through these mountains leads into the Southern Barrens to the east.

A land of windswept mesas and grassy plains, Mulgore is the tauren's ancestral homeland. Centaur often send raiding parties into Mulgore, and the tauren, now with the help of their Horde allies, beat them back. Tauren are naturally a nomadic people, and their tent cities are scattered across the landscape and change with the seasons and the weather. Now that they are members of the Horde, the tauren have constructed several permanent settlements, including fortified Dalsh-Beran and their capital of Thunder Bluff.[1]

Despite the serene landscape and the pine-scented breeze, Mulgore is fraught with trouble. Brambleblade Ravine and the sacred Red Rocks are overrun by quilboars. The goblin-run Venture Company infests the three sacred water wells of Mulgore as well as their Venture Co. Mine in the eastern mountain face. The Windfury harpy tribe lay claim to the extreme northern reaches of Mulgore and the southeast mountain face. A tribe of gnolls known as the Palemane make their home at the cave called Palemane Rock, as well in scattered camps along the southern mountains. Prior to theCataclysm, the Alliance made its presence known at the Bael'dun Digsite, where dwarves scoured the mountains for traces of their shrouded ancestry.


As the starting zone for the tauren, Mulgore quests range from level 1-10 in difficulty. Quests here often deal with driving out invasive creatures and protecting the land. Particularly important to young tauren are the Rites of the Earthmother quests, in which they learn the ways of the land.

Full Quest List

Camp Narache

Quest Name Start End XP Reputation Reward Description
[1] The First Step Chief Hawkwind Grull Hawkwind 40 -- 40 Having come of age, head out to fend off the Quilboar incursions with Grull Hawkwind.
[2] Rite of Strength Grull Hawkwind Grull Hawkwind 170 +10 Thunder Bluff [Sun Bleached Bracer] or [Mud Splattering Hammer] or [Red Ceremonial Dagger]
Complete the first rite of a Tauren brave by killing Quilboar invaders.
[2] Our Tribe, Imprisoned Grull Hawkwind Grull Hawkwind 170 +250 Thunder Bluff [Red Cloud Gloves] or [Quill Impaled Boots]
Rescue the Tauren initiates captured in battle by the Quilboar.
[2] Go to Adana Grull Hawkwind Adana Thunderhorn 85 +25 Thunder Bluff 17 Join Adana Thunderhorn further down the Thornsnarl to continue the fight.
[3] Rite of Courage Adana Thunderhorn Adana Thunderhorn 250 +250 Thunder Bluff [Robes of the Sun] or [Rabbit Chaser's Leggings] or [Longstalker's Rifle]
Complete the Rite of Courage by braving the battlefield and returning with rifles stolen by the Quilboar.
[3] Stop the Thorncallers Adana Thunderhorn Adana Thunderhorn 250 +250 Thunder Bluff [Thorn-Proof Wristguard] or [Thorncaller Trousers] or [Thorned Cinch]
Get rid of the Thorncallers who are transforming the land of Camp Narache.
[4] The Battleboars Adana Thunderhorn Adana Thunderhorn 355 +250 Thunder Bluff [Scarred Battleboar Chest] or [Braided Boarskin Belt]
The Quilboar are breeding combat boars (Battleboars) which must be slain before they can be used in battle.
[4] Feed of Evil Adana Thunderhorn Adana Thunderhorn 355 +250 Thunder Bluff 75 Burn the food troughs that were being used by the Battleboars.
[5] Rite of Honor Adana Thunderhorn Chief Hawkwind 560 +350 Thunder Bluff [Bag of Thorns] and [Slippers of High Honor] or [Sunwalker's Belt]
Complete the rite of honor by avenging Greatmother Hawkwind's death and defeating Chief Squealer Thornmantle.
[5] Last Rites, First Rites Chief Hawkwind Chief Hawkwind 225 +25 Thunder Bluff -- Place the final offering before Greatmother Hawkwind to send her spirit onwards, and truly begin your journey.
[5] Rites of the Earthmother Chief Hawkwind Dyami Windsoar 335 +150 Thunder Bluff -- Continue onwards with your journey by speaking to Dyami Windsoar.
[5] Rite of the Winds Dyami Windsoar Ahmo Thunderhorn 335 +150 Thunder Bluff -- Drink from the Water of Vision and be transported to Bloodhoof Village to complete the Rite of Winds.


Quest Name Start End XP Reputation Reward Description
[6] Sharing the Land Ahmo Thunderhorn Ahmo Thunderhorn 540 +250 Thunder Bluff [Thunderhorn Cloak]
1 25
Eliminate the Palemane Gnolls that are disrupting the ecosystem of Mulgore.
[7] The Restless Earth Ahmo Thunderhorn Ahmo Thunderhorn 630 -- [Chestguard of the Beating Drum] or [Restless Gloves] or [Worn Ceremonial Tomahawk]
1 75
Calm the restless Earth Spirits disturbed by a former Dwarven mining operation in Mulgore.
[7] Kyle's Gone Missing! Ahab Wheathoof Ahab Wheathoof 630 +250 Thunder Bluff 1 75 Hunt a plainstrider for its meat, then feed that to Ahab's puppy Kyle to convince him to come home.
[6] Swoop Hunting Harken Windtotem Harken Windtotem 630 +250 Thunder Bluff 2 50 Hunt the elusive swoops of Mulgore to obtain their quills and gain honor.
[8] Mazzranache Maur Raincaller Maur Raincaller 700 +250 Thunder Bluff [Belt of the Prairie Wolf] or [Cougar Pelt Wristwraps] or [Swoopskin Gloves]
2 25
Help heal Maur Raincaller by collecting the femur of a Flatland Cougar.
[8] Dangers of the Windfury Ruul Eagletalon Ruul Eagletalon 700 +250 Thunder Bluff 2 25 Prove your skill by seeking out the Windfury Harpies, natural enemies of the Tauren.
[7] A Bundle of Hides Varg Windwhisper Tak 160 +25 Thunder Bluff -- Bring a Bundle of Hides to Thunder Bluff with the help of the Wind Rider Master Tak.
[7] Ride to Thunder Bluff Tak Ahanu 315 +75 Thunder Bluff 85 Fly to Thunder Bluff and deliver the Bundle of Hides to Ahanu at Hewa's Armory.
[7] Tal the Wind Rider Master Ahanu Tal 160 +25 Thunder Bluff -- Find Tal and get a lift back to Bloodhoof Village.
[7] Return to Varg Tal Varg Windwhisper 630 +350 Thunder Bluff 1 75 Deliver Ahanu's Leather Goods to Vard so he can sell them around Bloodhoof Village.
[8] Morin Cloudstalker Ahmo Thunderhorn Morin Cloudstalker 70 -- 22 Go help Morin Cloudstalker to eliminate the Venture Co. Goblins that are encroaching on the land.
[8] The Ravaged Caravan Morin Cloudstalker Sealed Supply Crate 530 +150 Thunder Bluff -- Discover what is so valuable about the supply crates from a crashed Venture Co. caravan.
[8] The Ravaged Caravan Sealed Supply Crate Morin Cloudstalker 530 +150 Thunder Bluff -- Return to Morin Cloudstalker with documents detailing the Venture Co.'s actions in Mulgore.
[7] The Venture Co. Morin Cloudstalker Morin Cloudstalker 630 +250 Thunder Bluff 1 75 Send a "message" to the Venture Co. that they are not welcome in Mulgore.
[8] Supervisor Fizsprocket Morin Cloudstalker Morin Cloudstalker 880 +350 Thunder Bluff [Trackless Sandals] or [Goblin Masher]
4 50
Get revenge on Supervisor Fizsprocket for his plans to drive the Tauren from Mulgore.
[5] Poison Water Mull Thunderhorn Mull Thunderhorn 450 +250 Thunder Bluff -- Collect Plainstrider Talons and Prairie Wolf Paws to create a totem needed to cleanse the sacred Winterhoof Well of its taint.
[6] Winterhoof Cleansing Mull Thunderhorn Mull Thunderhorn 540 +250 Thunder Bluff [Legs of the Long Day] or [Plains Hunter Guards] Cleanse the tainted Winterhoof Well and defeat those who tainted it.
[7] Thunderhorn Totem Mull Thunderhorn Mull Thunderhorn 630 +250 Thunder Bluff -- Collect Stalker Claws and Cougar Claws to create a totem needed to cleanse the sacred Thunderhorn Well of its taint.
[8] Thunderhorn Cleansing Mull Thunderhorn Mull Thunderhorn 700 +250 Thunder Bluff [Bloodhoof War Shield] or [Thunderhorn Gloves] or [Touch of Dawn] Cleanse the tainted Thunderhorn Well, slaying any Grimtotem dissidents who try to prevent it.
[6] Rite of Vision Mull Thunderhorn Zarlman Two-Moons 55 +25 Thunder Bluff -- Go to Zarlman Two-Moons to undertake the Rite of Vision that will continue your journey.
[7] Rite of Vision Zarlman Two-Moons Una Wildmane 475 +150 Thunder Bluff [Earthmother's Vest] or [Rainwalker's Bracer] Drink from the Water of Vision to complete the Rite of Vision and be transported to Camp Sungraze.
[10] Wildmane Totem Una Wildmane Una Wildmane 840 +250 Thunder Bluff -- Collect the teeth of the Prairie Wolf Alpha to create the Wildmane Totem for cleansing the final sacred well of Mulgore.
[10] Wildmane Cleansing Una Wildmane Una Wildmane 1,050 +350 Thunder Bluff [Cliff Running Boots] or [Duskwatcher's Leggings] or [Hawkeye Rifle] or [Waterbearer's Robes] Cleanse the final sacred well - the Wildmane Well - of the Grimtotem's poisons.
[10] Journey into Thunder Bluff Una Wildmane Baine Bloodhoof 420 +75 Thunder Bluff -- Travel to Thunder Bluff so Baine Bloodhoof may know of the actions of the Grimtotem.
[10] War Dance Baine Bloodhoof Baine Bloodhoof 840 -- [Kodo Saddlebag] and [Dreamwalking Staff] or [Kodo Mallet]or [Stunted Tree Root] or [Sunwalker's Stunner]
3 50
Join the Braves of Thunder Bluff as they drive the Grimtotem out of Mulgore once and for all, and take down the Grimtotem leader Orno Grimtotem.
[10] Preparation for Ceremony Eyahn Eagletalon Eyahn Eagletalon 840 +250 Thunder Bluff [Leggings of Brown Grass] or [Hewn Kodo Gloves] or [Plainstrider Leg Armor]
3 50
Collect feathers so Eyahn can make a ceremonial headdress for his brother.
[10] A Sacred Burial Lorekeeper Raintotem Lorekeeper Raintotem 630 +150 Thunder Bluff [Cairne's First Breastplate] or [Cord of Tragic Memory] or [Slippers of Mourning]
2 50
Drive the Bristleback Quilboar from the sacred Red Rocks burial ground.
[10] The Hunter's Way Skorn Whitecloud Skorn Whitecloud 840 +250 Thunder Bluff -- Hunt the Flatland Prowlers to show your skill.
[10] Rite of Wisdom Lorekeeper Raintotem [Ancestral Spirit] 840 +250 Thunder Bluff -- Drink from the Water of Seers and travel to the Red Rocks to speak with the ancestors and gain their blessing so as to complete the final rite - the Rite of Wisdom.
[12] Walk With The Earth Mother Baine Bloodhoof Vol'jin 680 +250 Orgrimmar 3 50 Having completes all the Rites of the Earth Mother, leave Mulgore and go to Orgrimmar to tell the Warchief of all that has transpired.