Wow Orgrimmar Location

Type Capital, metropolis, city
Population 14,000LoM - 16,000WoWRPG
Races Orc (11,200)
Jungle troll (1,680-1,820)
Tauren (1,680)
Blood elf
Ethereal (3-6)
Government Tribal chiefdom
Ruler - Thrall, Garrosh Hellscream Vol'jin
Language Orcish, Common, Taur-ahe,Zandali
Faith Shamanism
Affiliation Horde
Location Northern Durotar


Orgrimmar is the capital city of the Horde, with large settlements of trolls, orcs, tauren, and goblins.

Areas of Interest:

  • The Valley of Spirits: now flooded after the Shattering, center for Darkspear trolls--many profession and class trainers with distinctive huts and decorations.
  • The Cleft of Shadow: rogue and warlock trainers, entrance to Ragefire Chasm.
  • Goblin Slums: Subset of the Valley of Spirits, very dirty and polluted, class and profession trainers.
  • The Valley of Wisdom: Former location of Grommash Hold under Thrall's command, now additional pools, tauren huts, blacksmith, auctioneer, bank, guild vault, some class trainers.
  • The Valley of Strength: largest hub, Garrosh's seat of power in Grommash Hold, auction house, bank, Inn, guild vendors.
  • The Drag: links the Valley of Strength and the Valley of Wisdom, alchemy, herbalism, skinning, leatherworking, cooking, first aid profession trainers.
  • The Valley of Honor: battlemasters, warrior and hunter trainers, PvP vendors, blacksmithing, mining, and fishing trainers, new entrance to Azshara.