WoW Pandaria Goat Farming

Farming in my opinion is the best way to make gold other than the AH and farming goes really, really well with playing the auction house. Farming is time consuming but normally you only farm for about 1/2 an hour or maybe 1 hour at most so it's not too long. Farming is easy because you can easily kill stuff up to Cata, and MoP mobs are pretty easily killed by a well geared level 100. Farming may seem odd but It's a great way to make money. Most of these tips I have discovered on YouTube but I don't remember who I saw made them. Several people have covered these tips on videos. I am sorry that I cannot give credit where credit is due but I cannot remember whom I saw made these tips so if the person reading this guide made one of these tips then I must give a big thank you for your contribution to the gold making world. A few of these tips I've made myself though so I hope you find the following easy and good for your farming spots. Also, farming is helpful with the auction house. All of the materials farmed can be sold for a lot of money. So it's a great way to make gold.

Pandaria Goat Farming

First you'll need Potion of Luck. Potion of Luck lasts for 20 minutes so buy however many for how long you want to farm. Then go to Valley of the Four Winds. In Valley of the Four Winds there's a hill for the Tillers daily's. On the hill you'll find groups of Stout Shaghorn grouped together. You're going to want to pop the potion then fly around and kill those groups of goats until the 20 minutes are up. About more then halfway you'll need to empty your bags more. Then continue to farm the goats until the 20 minutes are up. I usually get anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 from each 20 minutes of farming! In my opinion this is the best farming spot. With the exception of one other farming spot. Goat farming is fast, easy, and the mats you get from it sell for a whole bunch and they sell almost instantly. You should post the materials you get from the farm for around 1 each less then the current AH price though.

Tempest Keep (The Eye) Farming

This one is extremely helpful especially if you're starting out on the AH. Greens sell extremely well on my server so this farming spot grants tons and tons of greens plus you get tons of trash and junk to sell. The entrance to Tempest Keep is in Netherstorm it's on the far right of the map. The main building is The Eye. Enter it then you'll see tons of mobs. Run all the way through them through the hallway into the big room. Pull all the mobs in the large room then kill everything. After that loot everything, run out, then reset. You can reset the the instance 10 times per day. You get tons of greens, netherweave cloth, and junk to sell. it is a very profitable. Also make sure not to kill the boss or else it won't reset. On the last run I recommend killing all the bosses because there are several pets and one mount that have a chance to drop.

Karazhan Farming

Karazhan farming spot isn't amazing like the others but I think it's worth mentioning. The entrance to Karazhan is in Deadwind Pass. The entrance can be found near the ground of the castle. Set it for max difficulty. Run inside through the door and to the stable area. There are tons of horses there. Pull them all up to the horse boss. Then do an AOE attack and loot. You can get 1-2 greens and bunches of netherweave cloth from each run. You can run and then reset an instance 10 times a day. Don't kill the boss or else it won't reset. On the tenth run you can kill the first boss though and there's a chance at a mount.

Firelands Farming

This is like the best way to make gold with instances. The entrance to Firelands is in Mount Hyjal. The entrance inside of Mount Hyjal is the huge fiery building on the map. Fly around it until you find the entrance. Set the difficulty to 25man Heroic. Run inside. You're going to see lots and lots of trash. Pull all of it in groups and kill them all. You're going to have to dodge bosses and make sure not to attack and kill them or else you won't be able to reset the instance. So kill all the trash, loot, Exit, Reset,then sell. You can get 200 to 400 from each run and can reset everything 10 times every day. So that's around 3,000 per day. Also clearing everything doesn't take much time, like 10 minutes.

Bastion Of Twilight Farming

Bastion is the best farming spot ever next to the Pandaria Goat Farming spot. First you'll want to get Potion of Treasure Finding off the AH or have someone make it for you. It's going to grant more treasure chests which will contain cloth, greens, and more! (That loot list was taken from a comment made by the user Dragonarcher) Next, you'll want to go to the entrance of Bastion where is in Twilight Highlands. The huge tower is where you want to go. Up at the way top is the entrance to Bastion. Enter the instance and you'll see a huge amount of mobs. Kill all of those then loot and exit. It is an amazing farming spot. I usually get tons of transmog and around 950 Embersilk Cloth from 10 runs! Just remember clear the room then exit the instance and reset the place before running back in, also don't kill any of the bosses or the place won't reset. It is a great farming spot in my opinion. The mobs are fairly easy to kill however it might prove a little difficult as they are level 85 and from Cata. I do 25man Heroic as it yields the most loot.