WoW Scholomance Loot Bosses Guides

The Scholomance (SKOH-loh-mance), a vile academy for prospective necromancers of the Scourge, is located in the ruins of the palatial House of Barov, on a rise overlooking the abandoned city of Caer Darrow. The enemy level range is 40 - 43 and requires that you be at least level 33 to enter (level 38 to queue via Dungeon Finder).

Many mini-bosses were removed when the instance was revamped for Mists of Pandaria.

Prior to being re-tuned for a lower level range with Patch 4.0.3a, Scholomance was probably the single most efficient pre- instance for farming, with trash runs up to the Great Ossuary taking about 45 minutes for a fast player, and potentially yielding 100-200, depending on which rare items dropped. The instance had a very rich loot table for the level range, and individual mobs tended to drop good amounts of both coins and [Runecloth], which generally sold well on the Auction House. In addition, necromancers and dark summoners (as well as a few of the bosses) dropped the prized [Dark Runes], which were useful for raiders and could command prices of 15-20 each on the Auction House. It was not uncommon for 3-4 to drop during a single run, adding potentially another 80 to the instance's yield.


Caer Darrow, Western Plaguelands



End boss

Darkmaster Gandling

Instance info


Minimum level

33 (90 Heroic)

Player limit



Instructor Chillheart
Jandice Barov
Doctor Theolen Krastinov (rare)
Lilian Voss
Darkmaster Gandling


Dungeon denizens

Bosses Monsters NPCs
The Balcony
  • Risen Guard
  • Instructor Chillheart
    • Instructor Chillheart's Phylactery
  • Risen Guard
  • Scholomance Acolyte
  • Scholomance Neophyte
Jandice's Room
  • Jandice Barov
  • Candlestick Mage
  • Brittle Skeleton
  • Reanimated Corpse
Chamber of Summoning
  • Rattlegore
  • Boneweaver
  • Woven Boneguard
Lilian's Room
  • Lilian Voss
  • Flesh Horror
  • Krastinovian Carver
  • Meat Graft
  • Doctor Theolen Krastinov (Rare)
Viewing Room
  • Professor Slate
  • Bored Student
Headmaster's Study
  • Darkmaster Gandling
  • Expired Test Subject
  • Fresh Test Subject
  • Grandmaster Architect Holmberg (deceased, remains can be found in the Butcher's Sanctum).


Boss Item Type
Normal Heroic
Instructor Chillheart [Anarchist's Pendant] [Anarchist's Pendant] Intellect/hit Neck
[Breastplate of Wracking Souls] [Breastplate of Wracking Souls] Strength/parry Plate chest
[Gravetouch Greatsword] [Gravetouch Greatsword] Strength/hit Two-hand sword
[Icewrath Belt] [Icewrath Belt] Agility/crit Leather waist
[Shadow Puppet Bracers] [Shadow Puppet Bracers] Intellect/spirit Mail wrist
Jandice Barov [Barovian Ritual Hood] [Barovian Ritual Hood] Intellect/hit Cloth head
[Ghostwoven Legguards] [Ghostwoven Legguards] Agility/crit Leather legs
[Metanoia Shield] [Metanoia Shield] Intellect/spirit Shield
[Phantasmal Drape] [Phantasmal Drape] Strength/hit Back
[Wraithplate Treads] [Wraithplate Treads] Strength/parry Plate feet
Rattlegore [Bone Golem Boots] [Bone Golem Boots] Agility/hit Mail feet
[Deadwalker Bracers] [Deadwalker Bracers] Intellect/hit Cloth wrist
[Goresoaked Headreaper] [Goresoaked Headreaper] Strength/crit Two-hand axe
[Necromantic Wand] [Necromantic Wand] Intellect/crit Wand
[Rattling Gloves] [Rattling Gloves] Intellect/spirit Leather hands
Doctor Theolen Krastinov [Krastinov's Bag of Horrors] Toy
Lilian Voss [Dark Blaze Gauntlets] [Dark Blaze Gauntlets] Strength/crit Plate hands
[Leggings of Unleashed Anguish] [Leggings of Unleashed Anguish] Intellect/crit Cloth legs
[Necklace of the Dark Blaze] [Necklace of the Dark Blaze] Strength/dodge Neck
[Shivbreaker Vest] [Shivbreaker Vest] Intellect/spirit Mail chest
[Soulburner Crown] [Soulburner Crown] Agility/hit Leather head
Darkmaster Gandling [Headmaster's Will] Intellect/hit Staff
[Gloves of Explosive Pain] [Gloves of Explosive Pain] Intellect/spirit Mail hands
[Incineration Belt] [Incineration Belt] Intellect/hit Cloth waist
[Lessons of the Darkmaster] [Lessons of the Darkmaster] Strength/expertise Trinket
[Price of Progress] [Price of Progress] Intellect/mana Trinket
[Searing Words] [Searing Words] Agility/crit Trinket
[Shoulderguards of Painful Lessons] [Shoulderguards of Painful Lessons] Intellect/spirit Plate shoulder
[Tombstone Gauntlets] [Tombstone Gauntlets] Agility/hit Leather hands
[Vigorsteel Spaulders] [Vigorsteel Spaulders] Strength/hit Plate shoulder


  • [Attention to Detail]
  • [Rattle No More]
  • [Sanguinarian]
  • [School's Out Forever]
  • [Scholomance]
  • [Heroic: Scholomance]
  • [Scholomance Guild Run]
  • [Heroic: Scholomance Guild Run]
  • [Scholomance Challenger]
  • [Scholomance: Bronze]
  • [Scholomance: Silver]
  • [Scholomance: Gold]
  • [Challenge Master: Scholomance]

Scholomance Faculty

  • Darkmaster Gandling ¡ª Course: Advanced Studies
  • Lilian Voss ¡ª Course: Reeducation
  • Rattlegore ¡ª Course: Reanimation 101
  • Instructor Chillheart ¡ª Course: Introduction to the Dark Arts
  • Jandice Barov ¡ª Course: Advanced Illusions


  • According to Romanian legend, a real Scholomance exists by an unnamed lake in the mountains south of the city of Hermannstadt (called Sibiu in Romanian) in Transylvania. This school of black magic is said to be run by the Devil, and would accept only ten students at a time. The tenth would remain to serve the Devil as payment for his teachings. The Scholomance in WoW is placed in the middle of the lake, much like its legendary namesake. In Bram Stoker's Dracula, Count Dracula is said to have spent several years training under the Devil in the Scholomance. It is referenced in both Stoker's novel and an article titled "Transylvanian Superstitions" on page 136 of The Nineteenth Century by Emily Gerard.