Wow Shrine Of Two Moons Location

Race(s) Pandaren
Blood elf
Location Central Vale of Eternal Blossoms, Pandaria
Facilities Inn Mailbox

Stables Anvil & Forge

Bank Auction House
Travel Flight Master Mass-transit
Status Active

The Shrine of Two Moons is an ancient mogu structure located north of Mogu'shan Palace in the eastern part of the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. The Golden Lotus have allowed use of the shrine by the Horde, and it serves as the main hub for the faction in the continent of Pandaria, as opposed to the sanctuary cities serving as main hubs for both factions in previous expansions. The Alliance equivalent is the Shrine of Seven Stars and is on the opposite side of Mogu'shan Palace.

The front of the building is The Golden Terrace, a large outside area separated into a lower section and an upper section. The lower section holdsPandaria faction representatives, challenge dungeon quests, and turn-in for [Lesser Charm of Good Fortune]. The upper portion notably holds the flight master, riding trainer (one of only two capable of teaching [Wisdom of the Four Winds]), a [Spirit of Harmony] vendor, and training dummies on the western side. The inside of the shrine is accessible from the upper level.

The central room of the shrine and main entrance is Hall of the Crescent Moon. Here Jinho the Wind Breaker speeds up passing players and engineers have a corner set aside for themselves. The remainder of the first floor is taken by an inn, Summer's Rest, and Chamber of Masters, where suppliers for nearly every profession are gathered.

On the upper floor, Hall of Secrets provides transmogrification, reforging, and void storage services; The Jade Vaults hold banks and guild banks; The Imperial Mercantile contains portals to all faction-friendly major cities, including Shattrath City and Dalaran.

The city should provide for most top-level character needs. The exceptions are that there is no auction house available for non-engineers (D.E.N.T. in the Hall of the Crescent Moon is an engineer-only auctioneer), and the only profession trainer is for First Aid (Ala'thinel in Chamber of Masters).