WoW Stormstout Brewery Entrance Location

The Stormstout Brewery is a dungeon that was released with Mists of Pandaria.[2]

Chen Stormstout's brewery has been overrun by the Hozen and Virmen. The object of the dungeon is to reclaim his family's heritage and of course, his beer.[2]

There are multiple sections to the dungeon:

  • The first involves encounters with the monkey-like Hozen, who are partying and being nuisances.
  • The second section has to do with fighting the Virmen, who overtaken the Brewery in massive numbers, eating everything they can get their paws on. After wading their way through the droves, players fight Hoptallus.
  • In the third and final section, players encounter Alementals for the first time. These are elementals formed entirely of beer. Yan-Zhu the Uncasked is the final boss.[3]

Valley of the Four Winds



End boss

Yan-Zhu the Uncasked

Instance info


Advised level

86 - 87

Player limit



For generations, the Stormstout Brewery has been a font of joy for the citizens of Pandaria, pumping out an endless-seeming supply of delicious and refined beverages without appearing to break stride. The Stormstout family has enjoyed and supported the Brewery's continued significance, and kept diligent watch over their recipes and the perfection of their stills ¨C until today. In the absence of any more able Stormstout, management of the building has recently fallen to Uncle Gao Stormstout... to the detriment of everyone who has ever enjoyed a cold drink. On Gao's "watch," loathsome virmen have broken through the brewery's massive oak doors and ravaged the Stormstout's stores of rice and barley; local hozen have also begun cracking into casks left and right, spurring a destructive revel that threatens to devastate the Valley's supply. As if that weren¡¯t enough, the brew itself has begun to spoil ¨C in the worst way possible.[2]

Quick Facts
  • Level: 85 - 87
  • Required levels: 85, 85
  • Required item level: 358, 440
  • Territory: Contested
  • Instance type: Dungeon
  • Heroic mode available (90)
  • Number of players: 5
  • Location: Valley of the Four Winds
  • Final boss: Yan-Zhu the Uncasked

The Stormstout Brewery is located in Valley of the Four Winds of Pandaria. The dungeon is available to players level 85+ after progressing through theValley of the Four Winds questline until Chen Stormstout, who has just arrived on Pandaria, sends players into the brewery. Stormstout tasks players with investigating what happened to his ancestors' brewery. The instance consists of three boss encounters in which the party must defeat the miscreants who have overrun the brewery.


  • Ook-Ook ¨C Even for a hozen, Ook-Ook has a reputation for being uncouth and raucous. The monstrous creature and his cronies recently broke into the Stormstout Brewery and cracked open its precious beer casks to throw the greatest party of all time: Ookapalooza!
  • Hoptallus ¨C Hoptallus is the bane of farmers throughout the Valley of the Four Winds - a virmen of mythic proportions that can consume entire fields of crops in a single night. Word has spread that the giant pest and his offspring have infested the brewery and begun devouring its stores of rice and barley.
  • Yan-Zhu the Uncasked ¨C In a desperate attempt to save the family brewery, Uncle Gao set about concocting what he believed would be the ultimate ale, a full-bodied elixir of depthless flavor. Yet his bold experiment resulted in a bitter and extremely volatile alemental creature, dubbed Yan-Zhu the Uncasked.

Dungeon Journal

When Chen Stormstout arrived in the Valley of the Four Winds, he journeyed to the renowned brewery of his namesake, hoping to connect with his relatives. What he found was his ancestral home in disarray. Under the watch of the incompetent Uncle Gao, loathsome virmen and unruly hozen have infiltrated the brewery, sparking a destructive revel that will soon devastate the region's supply of tasty beer.


Once you enter the dungeon, you find Chen starting a conversation with the ghost of a newly-met relative, Auntie Stormstout. Chen has to work around the spirit's confusion.
Auntie Stormstout says: Oh, hello Zan, it is good of you to visit ol' Auntie Stormstout.
Chen Stormstout says: I am not Zan - I am Chen Stormstout!
Auntie Stormstout says: Oh Zan! You remind me so much of your father.
Chen Stormstout says: Tell me, what has happened here
Auntie Stormstout says: It is certainly a nice day outside!
Chen Stormstout says: Where are the other Stormstouts Why are hozen all over the brewery
Auntie Stormstout says: Have you seen the size of Esme's turnips
Chen Stormstout says: Auntie Stormstout...why is the brewery abandoned
Auntie Stormstout says: Abandoned Oh heavens no! Uncle Gao is in charge while the others are beyond the wall. Isn't that exciting
Chen Stormstout says: I see - and where is Uncle Gao
Auntie Stormstout says: I have some cookies for you!
Chen Stormstout says: There is no time for cookies! Well, one cookie. Just one.
There is a pause here for 30 seconds, as Chen is apparently sampling the cookies.
Chen Stormstout says: Wait - these are ghost cookies. These aren't filling at all!


As you enter the Brewery, you see Auntie and Chen Stormstout. Chen questions Auntie about the state of the brewery, but has little success in doing so as Auntie appears to be senile to some extent. Pressing onward, adventurers will find a party of Hozen. In order to fight the first boss Ook-Ook, players must defeat 40 partying Hozen. Doing so will trigger the fight with Ook-Ook. The next wing of the instance will feature Vermin. A few of the Vermin carry hammers that can be used a few times to make wading through their massive numbers easier. After pushing through the hordes of Vermin, the second boss, Hoptallus can be fought. Upon his defeat, the carrot blocking the path will be moved, and players can finally move to the final wing of the instance, the distillery. Here, players will fight a variety of alementals, or elementals made of beer. These alementals all have unique abilities that will be prevalent in the final boss fight, so be sure to commit these to memory. Making it to the tasting room, players will find Uncle Gao brewing up something new, creating alementals in the process. Dealing with these as normal, players will eventually be challenged by a monumental alemental named Yan-Zhu the Uncasked. Yan-Zhu summons all of the lesser alementals in the battle, so be wary of them as they appear. After Yan-Zhu falls, Gao will be confronted by Chen, who gets into a brief, and mildly humorous, confrontation with Gao. With this, the Stormstout Brewery is finally at peace.