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Xhul'horac Encounter Mechanics

The Xhul'horac encounter is a complicated, multi-phase fight that requires extremely high raid awareness and frequent target-swapping to destroy high-priority, low-health adds. The general flow of the fight is:

  • 100%-65% health: Xhul'horac wields Fel power, dealing Fire damage, and summoning a powerful Vanguard Akkelion along with Wild Pyromaniacs
  • 65%-35% health: Xhul'horac wields Void power, dealing Shadow damage, and summoning a powerful demon Omnus along with Unstable Voidfiends; Wild Pyromaniacs also still spawn
  • 35%-20% health: Xhul'horac phases quickly between Fel and Void powers, and continues to summon Unstable Voidfiends and Wild Pyromaniacs
  • <20% health: Xhul'horac is affected by  Overwhelming Chaos and continues to phase quickly between Fel and Void Powers, but no longer summons any adds

Unleashed Energies

Throughout the fight, Xhul'horac swaps frequently between dealing Fire and Shadow damage. These two magics are at odds with one another, and players who take damage from both schools of magic in quick succession will cause powerful explosions. Players must avoid this by monitoring their debuffs and dodging as much avoidable damage as possible.

  • When a player takes Fire damage from any source, they gain a  Feltouched debuff for 15 seconds
  • When a player takes Shadow damage from any source, they gain a  Voidtouched debuff for 15 seconds
  • If a player with an active  Feltouched debuff takes Shadow damage from any source, they will trigger a Shadowfel Annihilation
  • If a player with an active  Voidtouched debuff takes Fire damage from any source, they will trigger a Shadowfel Annihilation
 Shadowfel Annihilation deals heavy Shadowflame damage to all players within 20 yards of the triggering player, and light damage to players outside that radius.
  • Players triggering a  Shadowfel Annihilation gain a  Shadowfel Annihilation debuff, taking 50% more damage from subsequent  Shadowfel Annihilations
  • All other debuffs ( Voidtouched,  Feltouched, etc.) are removed when a player triggers  Shadowfel Annihilation
  •  Shadowfel Annihilation damage does not cause other players debuffed by  Voidtouched or Feltouched to trigger additional  Shadowfel Annihilations
Many of the abilities players will deal with during this encounter leave patches of flames on the ground.
  • Several of the Fel abilities leave  Chaotic Felblaze patches
  • Several of the Void abilities leave  Creeping Void patches
  • Players entering a  Chaotic Felblaze patch will take damage from  Felsinged, and gain  Feltouched
  • Players entering a  Creeping Void patch will take damage from  Wasting Void, and gain  Voidtouched
  •  Chaotic Felblaze and  Creeping Void spread over time to cover a larger area
  • If  Chaotic Felblaze and  Creeping Void touch, a  Shadowfel Annihilation will occur at their location

 Shadowfel Annihilation will remove all patches of  Chaotic Felblaze and  Creeping Void within 20 yards. As the encounter area fills up with these flames, players can strategically cause  Shadowfel Annihilations to clear out space. This - along with avoiding accidental  Shadowfel Annihilations - is a central mechanic of the encounter.

Phase 1: The Legion's Flame

Xhul'horac begins the encounter empowered by Fel energies, as denoted by the Fel coloration of his wings and body. While empowered by Fel energies, Xhul'horac attacks the tank with  Fel Strike, dealing heavy Fire damage and inflicting  Feltouched on the tank.

When Xhul'horac reaches 95% health, he will begin to drain energy from the nearby Fel Portal, gaining  Fel Surge.

  • Xhul'horac targets several random, non-tank players with  Fel Surge every 30 seconds
  •  Fel Surge deals light Fire damage to the affected players every second for 5 seconds
  • When  Fel Surge expires, a patch of  Chaotic Felblaze is created at the player's position
  • Players affected by  Fel Surge should run out of the raid to drop the  Chaotic Felblaze near the edge of the encounter area
As long as the Fel Portal is open, Wild Pyromaniacs will periodically emerge to defend Xhul'horac.
  • Wild Pyromaniacs repeatedly cast  Fel Orb at random players
  • The  Fel Orb travels in a straight line, and disappears when its path is intercepted by any player
  • Intercepting a  Fel Orb debuffs the player with  Ablaze, a very strong, stacking Fire DoT effect
  •  Fel Orb is interruptible, and Wild Pyromaniacs are stunnable
  • Players should aim to stun or interrupt every Wild Pyromaniac cast, and kill the imps quickly while they are incapable of casting

When Xhul'horac reaches 90% health, he will summon Vanguard Akkelion to aid him.

  • Vanguard Akkelion must be tanked, and will periodically attack the tank with Felblaze Flurry, dealing increasing Fire damage
  • The Vanguard will also cast Chains of Fel approximately every 35 seconds
  •  Chains of Fel targets a random player and chains them to their two nearest allies
  •  Chains of Fel deals periodic damage, increased by the number of other players you are chained to
  • To break the  Chains of Fel effect, affected players must run far apart from one another

Damage dealt to Vanguard Akkelion will be copied to Xhul'horac, and damage dealt to Xhul'horac will be copied to Vanguard Akkelion. Because Vanguard Akkelion has a health pool equal to 25% of Xhul'horac's health pool, players will kill Vanguard Akkelion and end the Fel phase with Xhul'horac at 65% health.

Phase 2: Grasp of the Void

As soon as Vanguard Akkelion dies, Xhul'horac enters Phase 2, and begins to drain power from the Void Portal. While empowered by Void energies, Xhul'horac attacks the tank with  Void Strike, dealing heavy Shadow damage and inflicting  Voidtouched on the tank.

Xhul'horac also gains the ability to cast  Void Surge once he draws power from the Void Portal.

  • Xhul'horac will target the furthest away player not currently affected by  Feltouched for  Void Surge, approximately every 30 seconds
  •  Void Surge deals moderate Shadow damage to the affected player every second for 5 seconds
  • When  Void Surge expires, a patch of  Creeping Void is created at the player's position
  • The player targeted by  Void Surge should run out of the raid to drop the  Creeping Void near the edge of the encounter area
As long as the Void Portal is open, Unstable Voidfiends will periodically emerge to defend Xhul'horac.
  • Unstable Voidfiends spawn in random locations, but usually nearby a player
  • The Voidfiend targets the nearest player and begins to cast  Volatile Voidstep, forming a purple swirl at the targeted player's feet
  • At the end of the  Volatile Voidstep cast, the Voidfiend will teleport to the indicated location
  • If any players remain within the purple swirl as the Voidfiend teleports there, they will take moderate Shadow damage from  Volatile Voidstep
  • Players should move just outside of the purple swirls each time they appear
  • Unstable Voidfiends cannot be stunned or interrupted, and should be killed quickly to reduce player movement

When Xhul'horac reaches 60% health, he will summon Omnus to aid him.

  • Omnus must be tanked, and will periodically channel  Withering Gazeat the tank, dealing increasing Shadow damage
  • Omnus will also summon a  Black Hole approximately every 30 seconds
  • The  Black Hole will deal moderate Physical damage to the entire raid every second it exists, and will draw players toward its position
  • The  Black Hole will collapse in a  Singularity whenever any player(s) enter its boundary
  •  Singularity deals heavy Shadow damage, split between all players within 11 yards of the triggering player
  • Players with strong personal cooldowns should be assigned to collapsing the  Black Holes, and other players should stay more than 11 yards away when this occurs
  • Healers should use raid cooldowns to heal through  Black Hole/ Singularity damage

Damage dealt to Omnus will be copied to Xhul'horac, and damage dealt to Xhul'horac will be copied to Omnus. Because Omnus has a health pool equal to 25% of Xhul'horac's health pool, players will kill Omnus and end the Void phase with Xhul'horac at 35% health.

Note that, since the Fel Portal is still open during this phase, Wild Pyromaniacs will continue to spawn, and players must continue to stun, interrupt, and kill them quickly to avoid Fel Orb damage.

As Phase 3 approaches, players with  Voidtouched debuffs may wish to run toward the middle of the encounter area and clear out the  Chaotic Felblaze patches by triggering Shadowfel Annihilations. These players should be sure to have a defensive cooldown available when doing so, and should alert the raid so that other players know to stay clear of the  Shadowfel Annihilation explosion.

Phase 3: The Shadowfel Amalgamation

Once Omnus has died, Xhul'horac begins to switch rapidly between Fel and Void powers, using abilities from Phase 1 and Phase 2 in rapid succession.

  • Xhul'horac will flicker from green to purple to indicate which of these schools he is currently empowered by
  • He will attack tanks with alternating casts of  Fel Strike and  Void Strike, approximately 7 seconds apart
  • One tank must take every  Fel Strike, while the other tank takes every  Void Strike, to avoid triggering  Shadowfel Annihilation
  • Xhul'horac will also alternate between casting  Fel Surge debuffs and the  Void Surge debuff
  • Players affected by these debuffs must continue to run out of the raid to form their  Chaotic Felblazeor  Creeping Void patches
  • Note that players can strategically place these patches to create  Shadowfel Annihilations and clear additional space for the raid to move into

During this phase, both the Void and the Fel Portals remain open, so Wild Pyromaniacs and Unstable Voidfiends will continue to spawn. Players must still prioritize these adds over the boss.

Phase 4: Tearing Apart

When Xhul'horac reaches 20% health, he will fully absorb the energy of the Fel and Void Portals, closing them. No more Wild Pyromaniacs or Unstable Voidfiends will spawn for the remainder of the encounter.

During this phase, Xhul'horac continues to swap frantically between Void and Fel abilities, just as in Phase 3. Tanks must continue to swap for  Fel Strike or  Void Strike, and players must continue to run out of the raid with  Fel Surge or  Void Surge.

However, Xhul'horac becomes destabilized by the full power of both portals, and gains  Overwhelming Chaos.

  • Xhul'horac will erupt with heavy Chaos damage every 10 seconds for the remainder of the fight
  • Each time he does so, he will gain a stack of  Overwhelming Chaos, increasing the damage he deals by 10% per stack
  • This mechanic acts as a soft enrage; players must defeat Xhul'horac before his abilities become fatal
Players should avoid triggering  Shadowfel Annihilations during this phase unless it is absolutely necessary, as a  Shadowfel Annihilation in close succession to a pulse of  Overwhelming Chaos may wipe the raid. 

The raid should use  Bloodlust/ Heroism/ Time Warp during this phase.

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