Zul'gurub Quests & Achievements

The troll city of Zul'Gurub re-opened in Patch 4.1 as 5-man, level 85, heroic mode instance.


  • [85H] Break Their Spirits
  • [85H] Secondary Targets
  • [85H] The Beasts Within
  • [85H] Break the Godbreaker


  • [Heroic: Zul'Gurub]
  • [Heroic: Zul'Gurub Guild Run]
  • [Ohganot So Fast!]
  • [It's Not Easy Being Green]
  • [Spirit Twister]
  • [Gurubashi Headhunter]


There are several bosses and minibosses in Zul'Gurub. All bosses except one have been in the game since classic lorewise. Their battles are also somewhat reminiscent of their old encounters. For example, Bloodlord Mandokir still levels up when he kills a player and dead players are brought back to life as long as ghosts exist in the battlearea.

Bosses Monsters NPCs
  • Bloodslayer Vaena
  • Bloodslayer T'ara <Darkspear Veteran>
  • Bloodslayer Zala <Darkspear Veteran>
  • Overseer Blingbang
  • Briney Boltcutter <Blackwater Financial Interests>
  • Vehini <Assault Provisions>
  • Helpful Jungle Monkey
The Coil
  • High Priest Venoxis
  • Venomancer Mauri
  • Tiki Lord Mu'Loa
  • Venomancer T'Kulu
  • Venomguard Destroyer
Mandokir's Domain
  • Bloodlord Mandokir
    • Ohgan
  • Berserking Boulder Roller
  • Gurubashi Warmonger
  • Gurubashi Soul-Eater
  • Gurubashi Cauldron Mixer
  • Gurubashi Blood Drinker
  • Chained Spirit
Cache of Madness
  • Gri'lek
  • Hazza'rah
    • Nightmare Illusion
  • Renataki
  • Wushoolay
  • Ritual Tiki Mask
Temple of Bethekk
  • High Priestess Kilnara
  • Gurubashi Berserker
  • Tiki Lord Zim'wae
  • Pride of Bethekk
  • Gurubashi Shadow Hunter
  • Gurubashi Blood Drinker
  • Lesser Priest of Bethekk
The Devil's Terrace
  • Zanzil
    • Zanzili Zombie
    • Zanzili Berserker
Altar of the Blood God
  • Jin'do the Godbreaker
    • Gurubashi Spirit
    • Twisted Spirit
  • Spirit of Hakkar

Faction rewards

Getting reputation with the Zandalar Tribe offers several benefits.

Various crafting recipes can be purchased from Rin'wosho the Trader, who is located on Yojamba Isle in the far northwest of Stranglethorn Vale. All recipes are BoP. All items crafted from these recipes are BoE.

Zul'Gurub offers unique enchants for the head, leg and shoulder slots. For creating these enchants you need to beFriendly (head and leg) or Exalted (shoulder) with the Zandalar Tribe. The head and leg enchants are obtained within the instance itself from an NPC named Zanza the Restless. He is located in a small "temple" after Lord Venoxis, and just before you go up the ramp toward Bloodlord.

Equipment Edit

The Zandalar armor sets are class-based armor sets completed at certain levels of reputation, requiring Primal Hakkaridrops.

Upon reaching friendly reputation you can receive a neck slot item (as well as some gold and rep), e.g. the Maelstrom's Tendril from Falthir the Sightless. You can upgrade these items as your reputation improves.


  • [60R] A Collection of Heads Stand alone quest given by Exzhal on Yojamba Isle in Stranglethorn Vale. Pay attention to the scene acted out where this quest is received and turned in.
    • Belt of Shrunken Heads (plate)
    • Belt of Shriveled Heads (mail)
    • Belt of Preserved Heads (leather)
    • Belt of Tiny Heads (cloth)
  • [60] The Heart of Hakkar
    • Zandalarian Hero Badge
    • Zandalarian Hero Charm
    • Zandalarian Hero Medallion
  • [60R] Nat's Measuring Tape
  • [60R] The Perfect Poison Given by Dirk Thunderwood at Cenarion Hold in Silithus, this quest also enters theRuins of Ahn'Qiraj
  • [60] A Bijou for Zanza Stand alone quest given by Vinchaxa on Yojamba Isle in Stranglethorn Vale


  • Zul'Gurub features over 120 Epic and Superior items, including a five-piece set for each class.
  • Players can build up their reputation with the Zandalar Tribe in order to gain various rewards.
  • Zul'Gurub quests are available at the Zandalar base on Yojamba Isle.
  • The raid timer is 3 days.
  • Since the release of The Burning Crusade, Zul'Gurub can be 5-manned by a group of 70s.
  • Since the release of Wrath of the Lich King, Zul'Gurub can be soloed by a healing class (Paladin or Death Knight) at 80, or duoed by many class combinations, if both are 80.
  • Like Zul'Farrak, Zul'Gurub is also fully constructed behind the instance gate in Stranglethorn, which may suggest that it may have been intended as an outdoor elite raiding area. The land is entirely unoccupied by NPCs to preserve memory and bandwidth, despite all scenery and terrain being present.
  • In addition, ZG, being an outdoors instance, bears a mini-Azeroth outside its walls. This mini-Azeroth includes all of Deadwind Pass, a great deal of Blasted Lands, a great deal of Stranglethorn Vale, a great deal of Duskwood, and a small cave in Swamp of Sorrows.
  • While Zul'Gurub is located in Stranglethorn Vale, its terrain and vegetation is more similar to that of Feralas.