Get WoW Gold Warlords of Draenor Tips

There are a lot of different ways to make gold. Most of them, however, are gated by cooldowns, daily and weekly lock-outs, or market demand. If you want to skirt these gold generation restrictions, you have to engage in more than just one gold-making strategy. Here¡¯s how to get started with professions: you just need a crafting profession with its complementary gathering profession, the Garrison building associated with your crafting profession, a level 3 Barn, and a bit of time on your hands! Of course, if you already have the necessary gathering profession on an alt, you don¡¯t need two of the same type.

Warlords of Draenor has condensed all of the crafting professions into a single system by making all professions use the same basic materials: Sorcerous Air, Sorcerous Fire, Sorcerous Water, Sorcerous Earth, Savage Blood, and Felblight. This makes it easier to generalize across professions, as well as use multiple professions at a time to make gold. In addition to the most expensive materials, most of your core ingredients are supplemented by the Garrison barn, mine, or garden. WoD has also made it especially easy to break into new professions and start making a profit off of them.

The Method

Step 1.) Keep track of the going market prices for all of the raw materials that you will possibly be using.
- The first thing you want to do is take note of the going prices on the auction house for all of your raw materials, prioritizing the more expensive ones like Felblight, Savage Blood, Sorcerous Air, etc. The better your understanding of what these goods usually sell for, the better you'll be able to make your profit margins.
- You don't need to be fancy, just make sure this part is written down. It's easy to make approximations in your head that are usually accurate, but you'll be off more times than you'd think. Prices also fluctuate so it's helpful to see whether values are increasing or decreasing over time.

Step 2.) Make a list of a dozen or so of the most in-demand recipes of your profession.
- You'll be assigning values to each recipe based on the profit margin, or in other words the value of each Truesteel Ingot/ Taladite Crystal/ Temporal Crystal (to a lesser extent) used, since you are limited in how many of those materials you can come by.
- Make sure this part is also written down. This is how you'll be determining what recipes to craft.

Step 3.) Determine the approximated cost of creating each of the listed recipes based on your raw material market values.
- In other words, find the average total cost for the sum of the materials used for each of your 10 or so recipes.

Step 4.) Find out what each of your recipes have been selling for lately.
- Don't trust the first number that add-ons like Auctioneer give you because they're cumulating data across time, when you're more interested in the last few days.

Step 5.) Subtract your numbers from Step 3 from Step 4 and divide the result by the amount of your core ingredient ( Truesteel Ingot/ Taladite Crystal/etc) required for each of the recipes (Final Sale Price - Cost of Creation = Profit THEN Profit ¡Â N = Value of Core Ingredient, with N varying based on the recipe).
- This gives you the value of each core ingredient when selling that particular recipe. This is the number that you'll be writing beside each of your listed recipes, as well as how you'll determine which recipes are most worth your resources to craft.
- For example, on Dalaran, a Greater Critical Strike Taladite has a value of 9.74g per Taladite Crystal used, compared to a Shifting Taladite Ring that has a value of 15g per Taladite Crystal. Until market values of the materials or the final product change, there is no reason for me to be making Greater Critical Strike Taladite over a Shifting Taladite Ring when looking to use my crafting materials for making gold.


1.) You will see greater profits the more time you're able to spend farming Felblight/ Primal Spirit in Tanaan Jungle. Buying Felblight off of the auction house is feasible for still seeing a profit, but it does eat into what you are making. Primal Spirits are gained primarily from gathering in Tanaan Jungle, just like Felblight, and are used to make your profession's core ingredient. Even if you don't have Savage Blood or Felblight, these allow for a steady income from ilvl 640 gear/more basic recipes (e.g. Truesteel Breastplate).
- Felblight has an 8% drop-rate for all professions (skinning, mining, herbalism, and fishing) so it comes down to which of the four you can proc the fastest. I've personally found that fishing is the fastest, but it also doesn't give you any useful trade goods outside of the Felblight and it gets dull pretty fast (click here for a map of the best places to fish: Felmouth Frenzy).

2.) Felblight is so important because the crafting items that use it, those items that raise gear/weapon ilevels from 685 to 715, are nearly without exception the recipes with the greatest profit margins. You can often find times where you will be without competition on the auction house for these recipes, allowing you to sell things for much, much more than you could with people undercutting you. For example, most recipes in Blacksmithing and Jewelcrafting that don't require Savage Blood or Felblight have profit margins of 8 to 15g, whereas those that require Savage Blood and Felblight are closer to 40 to 100g per core ingredient used.

3.) Be sure to have a barn in your Garrison for the same reason you prioritize farming your own Felblight. Having a steady income of Savage Blood allows you to create the 640 to 685 amplifiers (e.g. Taladite Amplifier), which have the second highest profit margins, second only to the 685 to 715 amplifiers (e.g. Savage Taladite Amplifier).

What You'll Be Selling

Exactly what you'll be selling comes down to your playstyle (time available to play/how much you like to use the AH for materials) and generally how many Primal Spirit/ Savage Blood/ Felblight you'll be coming across per day.* For me, I try to farm 10-20 Felblight, have the standard Barn income of 8 Savage Blood, and usually wind up with around 100-150 Primal Spirit each day. For Blacksmithing, my output looks something like this:
1-2x Most in-demand 640 armor/weapon piece/s (e.g. Truesteel Breastplate) every day. Gold earned: 1-3k per.
1x Truesteel Essence/ Steelforged Essence every two days. Gold earned: 4-10k.
1x Mighty Truesteel Essence/ Mighty Steelforged Essence every two days. Gold earned: 10-20k.
OR 1x Savage Truesteel Essence/ Savage Steelforged Essence every four days. Gold earned: 20-35k.**

* To make more of your profession's core ingredient than your daily cooldowns allow, purchase your profession's Recipe: Riddle of Truesteel recipe to allow crafting without cooldown. These items can be purchased from the associated profession trader that appears in-garrison once or twice a week.
** Sell values subject to change over time. Also keep in mind that you'll have to buy True Iron Ore and Blackrock Ore in bulk on the AH in order to craft at this rate, as well as any extra Sorcerous items needed to round out Savage Blood and Felblight recipes.

Good luck and have fun. Let me know if you have any comments or questions. Thanks for reading!