Legion Deepwind Gorge Guides

The verdant Valley of the Four Winds has long enriched the continent of Pandaria with bountiful fruit, fields of grain, grandiose vegetables, and¡­gold

Deepwind Gorge dips below even the Valley¡¯s normal depth, and it¡¯s here that the pandaren have turned the earth, exposing rich veins of gold. Ever since they freed themselves from the tyrannical mogu, the inhabitants of the Valley have made careful, cautious use of these riches, taking only what they need and paying attention to the limits of their land.

But the Alliance and Horde have their own plans for the gleaming metals of the Gorge. Amidst the quarry, filled with dislodged rock and connected by makeshift wooden bridges, both factions will rush for a bonanza of riches that only one can walk away with.

  • Resource Race
  • Valley of the Four Winds, Pandaria
  • 90
  • 15
  • The team that is the fastest to gather 1600 gold wins!

This battleground is extremely fluid. Your team needs to hold two mine flags while defending against enemy carts and perhaps occasionally running a cart of your own.

The simple plan:

  1. Send a group of five to cap one of the outer mines.
  2. Send your best tank and healer to get the enemy gold cart.
  3. Send everyone else to cap the middle mine.

Depending on how that works out, reallocate the groups to hold two flags and put pressure on the other team's attempts to run carts.

In general:

  • You probably do not gain anything by trying to deny access to your gold cart. They have a long way to go and they move at a running pace, which gives you plenty of time to stop them.
  • If you can, insist that everyone have their battlefield minimap up. Players need to watch and react ... things change too quickly for there to be a quarterback who gives orders.
  • You will want to develop a cap-and-hold technique that fits your team. For example, you might want to zerg a mine, cap it, and then leave a tank behind while the zerg moves on. Or, you may want to cap two and put two five player groups on defense. There's no "best" way ... find something that works for your group.


The clueless players will end up in a big melee over the center mine.

The team that controls the outer mines for the longest time AND prevents the other team from successfully running gold carts home will probably win.

Unlike the other flag battlegrounds, it's difficult in DWG to "D up" a flag and "call incomings". There's too much stuff going on for this to work well. If your team is good enough to hold the center mine permanently and run groups from there to defend the other two, then you are going to win in any case. If the center mine is contested, then the congestion there will block any attempt at coordinated defense.


While it's early, it seems clear that pro teams will destroy pug teams in this battleground. Pros will cap two mines and guard them while running carts through for additional points. Unless the PUG team is tightly organized, which seldom happens, it will not be able to react fast enough to gain an advantage.


Too new to know yet.