Looking For Kormrok Raid Difficulty

The Looking For Raid version of the Kormrok encounter is significantly simpler than the Normal/Heroic encounter.

During each Leap phase, Kormrok will use only two abilities: Pound and the non-empowered ability associated with that pool.
  • For example, if Kormrok leaps to the Foul Pool and gains Foul Energy, he will use Grasping Hands three times
  • He does not gain any of the tank debuff mechanics, and will not cast other pools' ability outside of being imbued with its energy buff
  • After using the third charge of the Foul Energy ability, he will leap to the next nearest pool and gain a new ability
Kormrok switches abilities approximately every 90 seconds in LFR.
  • During Explosive Energy, players should spread out and use a personal damage-reduction CD to trigger the Explosive Runes.
  • During Foul Energy, players should clump loosely behind the boss for Grasping Hands, and quickly kill the Grasping Hands with AoE damage to free all allies
  • During Shadow Energy, players should move away from the Shadowy Pool and dodge the incoming waves from Fel Outpouring
  • During all phases, players should spread out about 5 yards from one another during Pound
The trickiest part to heal is the second Grasping Hands of the Foul Energy phase, because Pound occurs ten seconds after Grasping Hands are spawned. This can deal heavy raid damage, and healers should save strong throughput or damage-reduction cooldowns for this part of the fight.