Temple Of Kotmogu Point System

The struggle to absorb the power of ancient mogu artifacts begins with entrants to the temple outside its gates on opposed sides. At the beginning of the battle, each faction¡¯s group will burst through the gates and rush to claim the orbs that appear in the four corners of the temple.

Once you or your teammates have retrieved an orb, hold onto it as long as you can; continuing to hold an orb will net you a steady stream of points.

Protect the orb holders on your team from the attacks of your enemies ¨C they earn a significant amount of victory points! Also, be sure that your team strikes at the opposing team¡¯s orb carriers for the very same reason.

Victory points

Holding an orb in different parts of the zone will net your team differing amounts of power, represented as victory points. Stay in the center of the map to earn the most points ¨C the surrounding plaza earns slightly fewer, and holding an orb outside of the temple even less (though you¡¯ll have more room to maneuver). The farther you are from the heart of the temple, the fewer points you¡¯ll earn.

Delivering a killing blow to one of your enemies will net your team a significant number of victory points.

Do you really get more points for staying in the middle I tried looking up for any official word on how the BG words, but mostly what I found was people just saying you have to go mid, and it might just be people parroting what others are saying. The closest I found was someone saying middle had most points, just outside the middle has less points, and outside the temple has the least points. No one corroborated his claims though.

Just wondering if anyone has tested it out (maybe, a war game scenario where one person holding the orb in the middle and another outside) if middle really gives an advantage in points.

You get 5 points in the middle, 4 points within the inner ring, and 3 points if you are outside the walls. This is to encourage players to stay and fight within the walls and the middle instead of spreading all 4 orbs orbs outside the wall. Whoever controls the middle with the orbs wins the game.