WoW Iron Docks Bosses Strategy Guides

The Iron Docks are a massive port located in Gorgrond staffed by the Iron Horde's elite Grom'kar forces.



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Fleshrender Nok'gar
Grimrail Enforcers


Fleshrender Nok'gar
Ahri'ok Dugru

The Iron Docks is a brand new dungeon that can be found by players in the zone of Gorgrond. The dungeon hosts four different boss encounters and is a levelling dungeon for players level 93 to 95. It also has both heroic and challenge versions that become available once you hit level 100.

When you first visit this dungeon as you are leveling up you will be able to find several upgrades from the item level 530 rare items that drop from the boss encounters. Completing this instance as early as you can while leveling and getting those items it can help you on your way to level 100 quite a bit.

Fleshrender Nok¡¯gar

This is a two phase encounter, where the first phase is fairly simple and the second phase forms the real meat of the encounter. In the first phase of the fight Fleshrender Nok¡¯gar will be mounted on his mount Dreadfang. During this part of the encounter you simply need to deal with Dreadfang by having him tanked in place and DPS¡¯ed down. Once Dreadfang is dead Fleshrender Nok¡¯gar will be forced to dismount and phase 2 starts.

In the second phase players need to deal with both the boss and waves of archers that are summoned to rain down burning arrows on players. The fight has two main mechanics. The first is Nok¡¯gar¡¯s self buff ability called Reckless Provocation. While this is active all players need to immediately stop attacking Nok¡¯gar or they will be intimidated. If they are intimidated then they will be feared away, this is especially damaging if the tank is affected.

The second main mechanic is the archers that are summoned that rain down Burning Arrows and Barbed Arrows throughout the fight. These arrows will stream down dealing heavy damage and follow players. The burning arrows are the most critical to avoid as they leave flame on the ground that deals damage if you stay in place. This means that all players need to constantly move to minimize the damage they take.

If you can manage to avoid hitting Nok¡¯gar and being feared away, and move to avoid the flaming arrows, the fight is simple to beat.

Grimrail Enforcers

The second boss fight is a council type fight where you need to defeat all three different bosses that make up the council. The bosses are Ahri¡¯ok Dugru, Makogg Emberblade, and Neesa Nox, which is also the suggested kill order due to the bosses abilities.

Ahri¡¯ok Dugru is the most dangerous of the bosses due to her Sanguine Sphere ability. While active it will absorb damage and if it is broken then all bosses will be healed for 15% of their health. This means that players need to switch targets as soon as it is cast.

The tank needs to hold both Ahri¡¯ok and Makogg, but can not tank Neesa. Ahri¡¯oks Blood Bolt needs to be interrupted whenever possible by whomever can. The tank needs to watch for Makogg¡¯s Flaming Slash ability and step out of the way quickly or take heavy damage.

The first part of the fight is the hardest since all three bosses will be active and dealing damage. Make sure you use any DPS buffs or damage reduction abilities early on to make the fight easier.


The third boss fight is against Oshir which is a raging beast that needs to be put down. The fight relies heavily on players being able to switch targets quickly to deal with the various adds that are released.

The first of two key mechanics in the fight is dealing with Oshir¡¯s Time to Feed attack that makes him focus on a random player dealing heavy damage for 20 seconds This time to feed can only be stopped by dealing heavy damage to him to stop the attack or by waiting until the 20 second time expires. The target of the Feeding Frenzy effect can still use abilities and should focus on using any self healing or damage prevention effects that they have to survive. A few classes such as Paladins with their Divine Shield and Mages with Greater Invisibility are able to escape on their own.

The second key mechanic revolves around dealing with the adds that Oshir will release throughout the fight.. There will be Ravenous Wolves and Rylak Skyterrors. These need to be killed as quickly as possible, and the skyterrors acid spit attack should be interrupted whenever possible to avoid acid puddles being formed.

Through out the fight players need to focus down the adds whenever they are active, unless Oshir enters a feeding frenzy, then you need to quickly switch back to free the trapped player before returning to focus on the adds. Whenever all the adds are down, then focus on Oshir until the next adds are summoned.


This fourth and final boss encounter is another council type fight that takes place on the ship that is at the center of the Iron Docks. On it you will need to deal with the boss Skulloc along with his assistance Koramar and Zoggosh.

Each of the three bosses has their own mechanics that needs to be dealt with. Koramar is the most dangerous of the three bosses and therefore needs to be dealt with quickly right at the start of the fight. This is because Koramar has very dangerous Shattering Blade and Bladestorm abilities that add a lot of AOE damage to the fight, making it much harder on the healer. This means that the sooner you deal with him the simpler the fight will become.

After Koramar is dead, players need to focus on the real boss which is Skulloc, which will spend the entire fight launching cannon barrages at the players. These attacks deal very heavy damage and must be avoided by getting out of line of sight behind the various piles of boxes in the area. Zoggosh can be ignored while dealing with Skulloc by keeping away from his Rapid Fire attacks that he makes from the turret. Once Skulloc gets low on health Zoggosh will leap out of the turret and into the fight, but only has a melee attack and the tank can just taunt him and hold him until Skulloc is dead.