WoW Legion Throne of Tides Walkthrough

Throne of the Tides

This is a four boss, 5 man instance located in Vash'jir. From my first impression of Cataclysm instances... welcome to the return of using CC on pulls, tanks moving bosses and bosses actually doing things besides standing there and being loot pinatas.

The initial pull jumps out at you. Literally, from the water walls. Two naga healers and two melee. CC a caster and nuke the other, burn and move forward.

Once you clear another trash pack composed of melee (whirlwinding) mobs, you enter this chamber with patrolling murlocs. AOE them down (omfg flamestrike + flame orb + blast wave + dragons breath = solo'd them). Then is the next group. CC the two healers on the far ends, kill, move on. If you don't CC, their chain lightning hurts a lot.

Up the hallway behind them is a constant wave of mobs that you must defeat in a semi-gauntlet style. AOE them down, burn the naga (focus fire) and move forward. This leads you to the first boss...

Lady Naz'jar

Burn her down. At 66% and 33% she spawns adds and becomes invulnerable. Make sure to be spread out as this is a mini-Vashj fight (the chain lightning sucks) and destroy her adds. Then back on the boss. Rinse/repeat, but the adds do hurt so don't pull them off your tank unless you're plate. She is undamagable while the adds are up.

Once you defeat her, you get a kickass cutscene (won't spoil it) and you face your next boss...

Commander Ulthok

Tank and spank fight. He spawns void zones on the ground so the tank has to move him around the room for melee to DPS him. Byfar the easiest fight in here. Rinse/repeat and move on.

As you continue through the instance the next hallway has a pack of Gilblins (underwater goblins) and Faceless Ones. The Faceless Ones will use knockbacks and the gilblin casters should be CC'd (moar chain lightning here!). The Faceless Ones will incapacitate 1-2 members of the party for 5-10 seconds with their knockback (it bounces you around) while doing damage to you at the same time. The fourth pack is a slew of Gilblins and a center caster one. CC him and pull the rest back for AOE. Once they're dead you get two faceless ones. DPS them down via single target and survive and you're at the third boss...

Erunak Stonespeaker

This is a two phase fight. DPS him down to 50% and avoid his big earth spides (they hurt), interrupt his casts (flame shock ). At 50% the mob mind controlling him breaks free and then chases after a random party member. If it attaches to someone you must DPS that party member down to 50% (and beware of them, think Deathwhisper CCs). Rinse/repeat and DPS the octopus down.

Once you're done, you have one more hall to go through to reach the final boss encounter. It's a gauntlet of corrupted frost elementals. When they die, small ones spawn. AOE them down and single target the big ones. Move quickly into Neptulon's chamber...

Defend Neptulon

OMFG WE ARE HELPING AN ELEMENTAL LORD. You know, the one that sent us into Molten Core to kick Ragnaros' ass Yeah, this guy is cool. This is a purely add based fight with three phases. I'll explain below.

Phase One

Priority: Vicious Mindlashers. Forget the name. They cast shadowbolts/mindflays at whoever has the highest aggro and randomly as well. Murlocs need to be picked up and AOE'd. It's not too hard with a strong group. Interrupt casts as you can. Lasts about a minute or two.

Phasr Two

Priority: Faceless Sappers. They will kill Neptulon and that's a bad thing. They act as suppressors from Dreamwalker except they hurt him too. Blight Beasts spawn and huge pools of black (don't stand in stuff) spawn. Kill the 3-4 sappers and move onto the 3rd phase...

Phase Three

Kill Ozzumat. He puts a stacking debuff on the raid and must be burnt down before it kills you all. Yes, you get to be huge which is awesome. But don't get distracted (like we did the first time). Burn the boss.

And that's it. When you win, there's a chest in front of Neptulon with goodies.

Hope you enjoyed this walkthrough!

PS: On a sidenote, if you quest in Vash'jir you will know every single one of these bosses. They are integral to the quest chains you complete from 80-82 and I thought that was awesome on Blizzard's behalf. No more wondering where bosses came from. When you fight them you're like OMFG YES FINALLY YOU BASTARD YOU WILL DIE.