WoW Stormwind Teleport Preview

Teleport: Stormwind
3% of base mana
10 sec cast
Requires Mage
Requires level 17
Faction: Alliance
Teleports you to Stormwind.

Spell Details

Duration n/a
School Arcane
Mechanic n/a
Dispel type n/a
GCD category Normal
Cost 3% of base mana
Range 0 yards (Self)
Cast time 10 seconds
Cooldown n/a
GCD 1.5 seconds
Effect #1 Unknown Effect (Effect #252)
Effect #2 Script Effect
  • Cannot be used while shapeshifted
  • Cannot be used in combat

Stormwind City (a.k.a. New Stormwind or simply Stormwind), located north of Elwynn Forest on Azeroth's northwest coast, is the capital city of the kingdom of Stormwind and the largest human city of Azeroth. After the Third War, it has become one of the last great human cities.

No city better demonstrates human determination than Stormwind. Destroyed during the Horde¡¯s initial invasion of Azeroth, Stormwind was painstakingly reconstructed by the Stonemasons¡¯ Guild after the Second War. Parts of the city were razed again when Deathwing, the corrupted black Dragon Aspect, brutally attacked Stormwind, but the other undamaged districts are more beautiful than ever thanks to their hardworking inhabitants. From the magnificentCathedral of Light, which serves as a major spiritual hub, to the awe-inspiring Valley of Heroes, which commemorates the sacrifices of Stormwind¡¯s loyal champions, the city truly represents the courageous heart of humanity.

Notable characters

King Varian Wrynn, having recently returned, rules from his throne in Stormwind Keep with his son, Anduin Wrynn, by his side. By the time of Varian's return, Lady Prestor's true identity has been fully uncovered and brave adventurers have already dispatched her. Highlord Bolvar Fordragon, former regent of Stormwind, was sent off to Northrend to command the main Alliance forces stationed there. Grand Admiral Jes-Tereth is the officer in charge of the kingdom's fleet. In the Cathedral of Light, Archbishop Benedictus once presided over the clergy of Light. In the Valley of Heroes General Marcus Jonathan stands sentinel on his horse, flanked by his topmost commanding officers, Major Mattingly and Field Marshal Afrasiabi. Other guild masters include High Sorcerer Andromath and Master Mathias Shaw, in charge of Stormwind wizards and thieves guilds, respectively.

Valley of Heroes

  • The Valley of Heroes (area beyond and including the city gate)
  • Class trainers: None
  • Profession trainers: None

Stormwind is the largest of the surviving human kingdoms remaining on Azeroth. Connected through both sea access and the newly-built underground railroad, Stormwind proudly swings its doors wide open for adventurers of the entireAlliance. Humans, dwarves, gnomes, high elves, worgen, pandaren, and night elves all have their own little niche in the capital city, making Stormwind a true melting pot of cultures.

Stormwind City's great gates tower over the treetops of Elwynn Forest. Beyond them lies The Valley of Heroes, a beautiful natural basin spanned by a majestic bridge leading to the city's trade district. The bridge is lined with enormous statues depicting some of the greatest heroes of the Second War ¡ª the brave men, high elves, and dwarves who stepped into the Dark Portal to bring an end to the war in the scarred land of Draenor itself. These brave fighters are all the more legendary due to their inconclusive fate ¡ª did they perish behind the portal, or do they still live in the shattered lands beyond Many who see the monuments lament the loss of these great heroes and wonder if Azeroth will ever be graced by bravery as steadfast as theirs.