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Xhul'horac Mythic Difficulty

On Mythic difficulty, instead of waiting for Vanguard Akkelion to die before activating the Void Portal, Xhul'horac will begin activating the Void Portal upon reaching 85% health. Upon reaching 80% health, Xhul'horac summons Omnus, and players must contend with both Vanguard Akkelion's and Omnus's abilities, as well as  Fel Strike and  Void Strike on the tanks, and  Fel Surge and  Void Surge on the raid.

Xhul'horac, Vanguard Akkelion, and Omnus still copy all damage taken to one another, and the adds have 40% as much health as Xhul'horac himself does. This means that players must deal with both Vanguard Akkelion and Omnus until Vanguard Akkelion dies, at which point Xhul'horac will have 50% health remaining. Omnus will have 25% health remaining, and when players have defeated Omnus, Xhul'horac will be at 40% health.

Once Xhul'horac opens the Void Portal, the fight becomes very challenging, and plays out like an extended-length, increased-difficulty version of the Phase 3 mechanics from the Heroic encounter.

  • One tank must become dedicated to Fel mechanics, tanking Vanguard Akkelion and taunting Xhul'horac for each  Fel Strike
  • The other tank must become dedicated to Void mechanics, taunting Xhul'horac for each  Void Strike, and picking up Omnus when he spawns
  • If either tank accidentally takes damage from a mechanic of the opposing school, a  Shadowfel Annihilation will trigger and probably wipe the raid
  • Xhul'horac will alternate casts of  Fel Surge and  Void Surge, and players affected by these debuffs must run to opposite sides of the room to drop their fire and avoid triggering  Shadowfel Annihilation
  • Both Wild Pyromaniacs and Unstable Voidfiends will spawn, and players must do everything possible to avoid taking damage from either of these adds' mechanics
Xhul'horac can be tanked in the center of the room, with  Fel Surge being run out to one side and  Void Surge being run out to the other. Players should focus on killing the small adds as quickly as possible.
  • Each time the Voidfiend casts  Volatile Voidstep, the  Volatile Voidstep cast becomes 10% faster
  • Players must kill the Voidfiends before it becomes impossible to dodge the  Volatile Voidstep
  • The Wild Pyromaniacs must be stunned and interrupted to prevent casts of  Fel Orb
  • Vanguard Akkelion's  Chains of Fel will now bind five targets together instead of three, and the  Chains of Fel deal much heavier damage

Much of the Fel and Void damage is avoidable, but players cannot avoid taking damage from Vanguard Akkelion's  Chains of Fel, so it is vital that players who become Voidtouched quickly clear it by running into  Chaotic Felblaze and triggering a  Shadowfel Annihilation.

Once players have defeated Vanguard Akkelion, Xhul'horac gains the ability to cast Empowered  Chains of Fel, and will use this for the remainder of the encounter.

  • Like  Chains of Fel, Empowered  Chains of Fel will target five players
  • When Empowered  Chains of Fel are broken, players will cause a Fel Snapback
  • This deals heavy damage to the affected player and any players within 5 yards
  • Players affected by Empowered  Chains of Fel must run away from the rest of the raid as well as running away from one another
Once players have defeated Omnus, Xhul'horac gains the ability to cast  Empowered Black Hole. This functions identically to  Black Hole; players with strong damage reduction or immunities must run into the  Empowered Black Hole to trigger its  Empowered Singularity. All players damaged by Empowered Singularity gain a debuff that increases the damage they take from subsequent  Empowered Singularity events by 1,000% for the next 2 minutes. The raid must plan a rotation of players to soak each  Empowered Black Hole.

After both Vanguard Akkelion and Omnus are dead, the raid must continue to manage  Fel Surge/ Feltouched and  Void Surge/ Voidtouched, and should remain focused on killing the Wild Pyromaniacs and Unstable Voidfiends quickly. Xhul'horac retains Empowered  Chains of Fel in this phase.

This phase will last until Xhul'horac reaches 20% health, at which time he will stop summoning Pyromaniacs and Voidfiends, and will gain  Overwhelming Chaos. He may still retain Empowered  Chains of Fel and  Empowered Black Hole.

As with the Heroic strategy, players should save  Bloodlust/ Heroism/ Time Warp for this final phase of the encounter. If the fight is long enough, players may be able to use Bloodlust/ Heroism/ Time Warp in the beginning as well to speed up the death of Vanguard Akkelion.

For more information on defeating Mythic Xhul'horac, check out Method's Mythic Xhul'horac Guide - including a video guide and class-specific tips from Method players!

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