Fel Lord Zakuun Notable Trash Mobs

The path from the Nexus of Souls to Grommash's Torment is guarded by powerful demon mini-bosses and their minions.

Dag'gorath summons four Malignant Defilers to perform a Demonic Sacrifice, and controls a field of Noxious Cloud that sweeps across the room.

  • Dag'gorath chooses a random target for Demonic Sacrifice, and the player is stunned for its duration
  • Demonic Sacrifice will continue until the player, or the Malignant Defilers, are slain
  • Players should break out the Demonic Sacrifice by quickly killing the Malignant Defilers
  • The sacrificed player will require heavy single-target healing
  • Noxious Cloud will slowly pass through the room, dealing damage to players within its area of effect and preventing players from seeing targets outside the fog
  • Every 4 seconds, Dag'gorath will cast Soul Energies, dealing moderate damage to players within line of sight
  • Players can duck into the Noxious Cloud to avoid taking Soul Energies damage if desired
If the player targeted by Demonic Sacrifice uses an immunity or is affected by Hand of Protection, the Malignant Defilers break free of the ritual and begin to melee. Their attacks are very powerful, and even if a tank picks them up, the tank is likely to die. Players should focus on keeping the Demonic Sacrifice target alive, and the raid should kill Dag'gorath first to disable the Noxious Clouds.

Note that Dag'gorath cannot be pulled out of this room into the Nexus of Souls to avoid the Noxious Cloud; he will simply reset.

Players will next encounter a pair of felhunters, Dark Devourer and Shadow Burster.
  • Dark Devourer will Hurl a bolt of Void Energy at a random location, forming a Gravity Well that will draw players toward it
  • After 5 seconds, the Gravity Well will Collapse, dealing heavy damage to players based on how close they are to the Gravity Well
  • Shadow Burster will cast Void Blast, knocking back and stunning the tank
  • This is immediately followed by Void Burst, which deals extremely heavy damage to the stunned player, split amongst all targets within 10 yards
  • The ranged DPS and healers should stack behind the tanks while fighting these enemies, so that the Void Blast will knock the tank into the ranged pile to split the Void Burstdamage

Mek'barash is accompanied by five Fel Scorchers, and is buffed by Burning Blades.

  • Each time Mek'barash melees a target, he will also deal Burning Blades damage to that target and the nearest player within 5 yards
  • If no nearby player is found, Mek'barash will strike his target twice with Burning Blades
  • Burning Blades deals very heavy Fire damage
  • Tanks must stack tightly to split the Burning Blades damage, as taking a double strike is likely to be fatal
  • Fel Scorchers attack random players with Inferno Blast, and Detonate when they die, buffing nearby Fel Scorchers with Immolated
  • When Mek'barash dies, he targets the lowest-health Fel Scorcher with Enkindle, causing it to Scorch nearby enemies
  • Mek'barash will also cast Rekindle on the lowest-health Fel Scorcher, 15 seconds into the fight and again at 1 minute

Players should kill the Fel Scorchers first to avoid Enkindle, and should stun and focus down any Fel Scorcher that Mek'barash has Rekindled.

The remaining trash consists of Succubus and Felguard nemies. The three Succubi (Glynevere, Cattwen, andBryanda) share the same abilities:

  • Lash of Pain strikes random targets with heavy Shadow damage
  • Enticing draws players toward the Succubus
  • Players should run away from the Succubi during Enticing to break the enchantment
The three Felguards accompanying the Succubi (Zerik'shekor, Shao'ghun, and Vazeel'fazag) have different abilities based on their weapon type.
  • Zerik'shekor wields an Axe, will periodically use Whirling to damage to nearby players, and will Hurl the Axe to deal heavy damage to all players in its path
  • Shao'ghun wields a Mace, knocks all players back with Mighty Smash, will Hurl the Mace to deal heavy damage to all players in its path, and will Leap immediately thereafter
  • The Mace emits a Shockwave when it lands, as does Shao'ghun himself when he lands from the Leap
  • Vazeel'fazag wields a Sword, will Hurl the Sword to deal heavy damage to players in its path, and then Charges three times before retrieving the weapon
Players should be careful to move out of the path of each Hurl, and to move away from the Felguards' other mechanics.