Gorefiend Notable Trash Mobs

As players approach the Maw of Souls from the Hellfire Antechamber, they are met by two Gorebound Berserkers.
  • Gorebound Berserkers will target a distant ranged player and charge to them with Felblaze Rush, dealing light damage to all players in the path
  • This leaves a trail of Fel Blaze on the ground; players standing in the fire will be debuffed with Fel Blaze
  • The Fel Blaze debuff stacks, dealing increasing damage
  • Berserkers buff themselves with Goredrenched Vial, dealing 300% additional damage, but also taking 100% additional damage, while buffed
  • Players should move out of fire and tanks should use CDs while the Berserkers have the Goredrenched Vial buff
Just past the Berserker, at the top of the winding staircase leading down to Gorefiend, players will encounter a Gorebound Brute and a Gorebound Bloodletter.
  • The Gorebound Brute will Slam, dealing moderate Fire damage to all players and knocking them into the air
  • The Brute also casts Fel Fury, dealing heavy damage to nearby players and creating a lingering pool of felfire that damages players standing within it
  • The Gorebound Bloodletter will debuff random players with Corrupted Blood, which can stack, and deals moderate to heavy Shadow damage
  • Corrupted Blood should be dispelled by healers
  • Bloodletters also cast Surge of Darkness, dealing heavy Shadow damage to the entire raid if not interrupted

Once this pack is dead, players should take the winding, crumbling staircase down to the Maw of Souls. It is not necessary to pull or kill all the Gorebound Bloodletters along the balcony to the right, overlooking the Maw of Souls.

A mini-boss, the Gorebound Crone, occupies the platform at the base of the stairs, and is accompanied by two Gorebound Brutes.

  • The Gorebound Crone will frequently cast Shadow Bolt at random players; this can be interrupted
  • She will also summon Soul Fissures, which deal heavy Shadow damage to the raid
  • If a player stands inside a Soul Fissure, the damage that Fissure deals to the entire raid will be reduced by 90%
  • The raid should be certain to stand in all of the Soul Fissures
  • Kill the two Brutes first, to eliminate Slam and Fel Fury