Kormrok Fel Outpouring

Kormrok's Fel Outpouring ability causes the Shadowy Pool to overflow, sending Shadow Globulesweeping across the encounter area.
  • These globules move in an erratic pattern and deal heavy damage to any player that passes through them
  • The globules spread out the further away from the Shadowy Pool they get
  • The easiest place to dodge these globules is from the center of the room or somewhat nearer to the Fiery or Foul Pools
If Kormrok leaps to the Shadowy Pool, he will use Empowered Fel Outpouring instead.
  • This summons globules from all three of the Runic Pools around the edge of the room
  • All of the globules deal very heavy damage to players standing in them
  • This ability is very difficult to dodge and will require the raid to move for an extended period of time
  • The simplest way to dodge the Empowered Fel Outpouring is to stand nearer to one pool than the rest, move through the oncoming set of globules from that nearby pool as soon as there are gaps - to eliminate ever having to dodge that pool's globules again - and then move carefully to dodge the globules coming from the other two pools
While Kormrok is empowered by Shadow Energy, he will use Swat against the current tank, dealing heavy damage and knocking the tank far away.
  • The tank will take damage again upon landing, due to Impact
  • Tanks should position Kormrok to avoid being knocked into any of the energy pools on the side of the room and should not put their backs to a wall for this ability
  • Aiming the Swat toward the entrance to the encounter area is the safest way of reducing tank damage
  • After being affected by Swat, that tank gains Fel Touch, and should not tank the boss again until Fel Touch fades
In some cases, Kormrok will Enrage, gaining 30% additional Haste (which increases tank melee damage). He will also begin to use his abilities more frequently. This seems to occur before leaping to a pool, and may be related to the health Kormrok is at when he leaps, but it is not clear at what percentage the Enrage will be triggered.