Nomine's Cooking Money Making Guide


Hello and welcome to my cooking money making guide, here you will find some tips and tricks for making money with your cooking profession!
I'll list the profitable food and drinks from each expansion and give you my opinion on them.

Text in Italic means that it might be hard to make profit with that method, while text in brown means "the most profitable out of".

Profit from food:


- Delicious Chocolate Cake (8x Simple Flour, 4x Ice Cold Milk, 4x Mild Spices, 8 Small Eggs, Flask of Port, 3 Mageroyals)
- Thistle Tea (1x Swiftthistle, 1x Refreshing Spring Water)
- Savory Deviate Delight (1x Deviate Fish)
- All 6 Stamina & 6 Spirit foods (for 19 twinks)
- All 8 Stamina & 8 Spirit foods (for 29 twinks)
- Dragonbreath Chili (1x Mystery Meat, 1x Small Flame Sac)

Delicious Chocolate Cake is required for the Children's Week event and it also gives a visual effect and makes you "very happy", it can be sold anywhere from 10g to 80g each! The Thistle Tea is cheap to make and some rogue twinks may buy them for that extra burst, so sell for 5g each or more.

The Savory Deviate Delights turn you into a pirate or ninja, and can make a nice profit because of the materials being so cheap.. so sell them for 8-25g each! Level 19 and 29 twink foods can sell sometimes and people will want to buy them at 2-5g (if not more) each.

The Dragonbreath Chili is a cheap to make food and has a cool on-use effect. For that it can be sold at 5g+ each.

Try to get a profit of 50-200% from these items.

The Burning Crusade:

- Kibler's Bits (1x Buzzard Meat)
- Golden Fish Sticks (1x Golden Darter)
- Roasted Clefthoof (1x Clefthoof Meat)
- Warp Burger (1x Warped Flesh)

Kibler's Bits are a fun item you can use on player pets (hunter pets, warlock pets and the like, but not battle pets). They increase the size of a pet and should be sold for 5g+ each.

Golden Fish Sticks, Roasted Clefthoof and Warped Burger should be sold at 5g each or more, for level 59/60 twinks to use... even though I haven't seen much demand for them.

Try to make about 100% profit (double your cash spent for materials) with these foods!

Wrath of the Lich King:

- Emotion Foods
- Great Feast (1x Chunk O' Mammoth, 1x Shoveltusk Flank, 1x Worm Meat, 2x Chilled Meat)
- Blackened Dragonfin (1x Dragonfin Angelfish, 1x Northern Spices)
- Critter Bites (2x Chilled Meat, 1x Northern Spices)
- Dragonfin Filet (1x Dragonfin Angelfish, 1x Northern Spices)
- Firecracker Salmon (1x Glacial Salmon, 1x Northern Spices)
- Gigantic Feast (2x Deepsea Monsterbelly, 2x Chunk O' Mammoth, 2x Rockfin Grouper, 1x Northern Spices)
- Small Feast (2x Nettlefish, 2x Rhino Meat, 2x Glacial Salmon, 1x Northern Spices)
- Fish Feast (2x Musselback Sculpin, 2x Glacial Salmon, 2x Nettlefish, 1x Northern Spices)

The emotion foods are needed for an achievement, so they can sometimes sell in auction house, usually at 5g+ each. The materials for Great Feast shouldn't be hard to find from the AH for cheap and that's why I think you can sometimes sell them to level 70 twinks for 10-20g each, if not more... because they help the whole 70 twink's BG group.

Blackened Dragonfin sells the best out of these foods, probably because there are more rogue twinks than other ones.. of course Hunters and druids can use them too. You can probably sell them for 8g each or so.

Critter bites are a fun item and they have a achievement associated with them, called Critter Gitter, where players need 10 of them. They can sell for 2-5g each (4 are made per cook).

Dragonfin Filet and Firecracker Salmon haven't sold as well for me (and I haven't sold many of them) so I can't really recommend a good price for them, but if I had to guess, I'd say you can get 8g for each of them.

Gigantic and Small feasts are fun items/food. They require quite alot of materials and there are not many buyers for them, but you should be able to sell them for 10-30g each or more depending on your server economy.

Fish Feast should sell at 10-35g depending on server economy, as it's a bit better than Great Feast.

Overall, these foods can be hard to sell in some realms, as there ain't many twinks. Aim for 100% profit with these foods.


- Hearty Seafood Soup (1x Blood Shrimp)
- Tender Baked Turtle (1x Giant Turtle Tongue)
- Broiled Dragon Feast (3x Dragon Flank, 2x Delicate Wing
- Beer-Basted Crocolisk (1x Crocolisk Tail)
- Severed Sagefish Head (1x Deepsea Sagefish)
- Skewered Eel (1x Fathom Eel)
- Chocolate Cookie (1x Simple Flour, 1x Cocoa Beans)

Hearty Seafood Soup, Tender Baked Turtle, Beer-Basted Crocolisk, Severed Sagefish Head and Skewered Eel can be sold at about 8-10g each every now and then, as level 80 twinks will want to have food in BG's which to get more stats from.

Broiled Dragon Feast is cheap to make and can be sold for 15-30g each if not more. Level 80 twinks will want to buy them every now and then.

91 Chocolate Cookies are needed for an achievement. They are cheap to make but sometimes there ain't any Cocoa Beans in the Auction House. If you have any extra Epicurean's Awards laying around, you can buy 40 of them per token. They are rarely bought - best to sell in bulk of 91 for about 2-4g each.

Mists of Pandaria

- Fish Cake (2x Golden Carp)
- Charbroiled Tiger Steak (1x Raw Tiger Steak)
- Sauteed Carrots (2x Juicycrunch Carrot)
- Swirling Mist Soup (1x Jade Lungfish)
- Shrimp Dumplings (1x Giant Mantis Shrimp)
- Valley Stir Fry (1x Reef Octopus, 1x Wildfowl breast)

Fish cake is required for the Order of the Cloud Serpent dailies. Many are lazy when it comes to fishing for those, so they buy them off auction house for a good price, usually at round 8-15g each... not too shabby considering that materials are 4g each or less.

Charbroiled Tiger Steak, Sauteed Carrots, Swirling Mist Soup, Shrimp Dumplings and Valley Stir Fry can sell well on auction house. They have a really cheap material cost and people pay 8-15g for each if they really need food. Be sure to check if others are selling these foods first.. maybe even buy them out and see if you can make any profit from that. It may be hard to sell these on a inactive realm.


Buying Rumsey Rum Black Label and then reselling it

This is a great method of making money with very little cash. The bad side is that you have to be at least level 70 for it and have quite a bit of bag space.

First you have to queue or fly to the Old Hillsbrad Foothills dungeon. After getting inside, you go to the inn by the beach and find the vendor. Then you buy as much Rumsey Black Labels as you can, port out and go sell them on the Auction House for 2-5g each or so.

no longer works as of 5.2

Peaked Dalaran Red

In some RP realms, Cask of Peaked Dalaran Red can sell rather well, along with Bottle of Peaked Dalaran Red.

You can most likely get about 4-8k for a cask and 1k-3k for a bottle on RP realms (or if you are lucky, on others as well). Of course, there aren't many buying em. Definitely add them in your auction addon search lists and buy them if you find them at a very low price.

Other profitable cooking related money making ways:

The Ironpaw Token shuffle, my way:

1. Buy Golden Carp for up to 1.66g each. Buy any other raw MOP fish at 0-5g each (the less the better), then trade the fish for tokens in Halfhill.
2. Buy Crocolisk Belly, Mushan Ribs, Raw Crab Meat, Raw Tiger Steak, Raw Turtle Meat and Wildfowl Breasts at 0-5g each, then trade them for tokens in Halfhill.
3. Trade the tokens for 100 Year Soy Sauce, Black Pepper or Rice Flour. Sell them at 100-200g each for up to 100% profit.

4. Alternatively, trade tokens for vegetables. As example, If you buy materials for tokens at 75g per token and trade 1 token for 25 Juicycrunch Carrots, You can sell carrots at over 3g each... I actually managed to sell mine at about 8-10g each. (8g x 25 = 200g), for 125g profit each token. (That's already 166% profit).

Just be sure to check your realm's market for all the profitable ingredients first and go make that money if you can!


Nomi (your cooking apprentice) gives you food and 1 Ironpaw token daily at max rank. This means some extra profit from both the food and token. Everything he gives sell well :)

Re-selling materials for any of these popular foods

As the title says, reselling food materials instead of for example turning it in for Ironpaw tokens can be just as profitable. Aim for 20%+ profit.

Farming for materials

Some items such as Raw Turtle Meat can be acquired pretty easily on some classes. It's been reported that killing turtles at Windward Isle nets about 200-300 Raw Turtle Meat, along with 50+ motes of harmonies, vendor junk, 30 windwool cloth, some greens and such per hour, as an example..

This would be a perfect farming spot for a skinner. It's 1.5k+ profit in an hour. I don't really farm at all though, so I can't recommend any other good farming places.

Buying and reselling Banquets

This is one of my favourite things to do. People want to get rid of their stacks of banquets they made while training all cooking ways to 600... so they sell them for cheap.. forgetting that people need food for raiding.

Banquets cost a lot to make, that's why this can be profitable. you can buy banquets for 10-15g each and resell at 15-35g each or more. Just remember not to buy Banquets of the Steamer. Spirit isn't a much wanted buff stat.

This might not work on all realms, or at all times, but i'd like to suggest this method for some extra gold.

Final words:

In my experience, all but the most profitable older expansion food should be ignored and most of your profit made from current expansion food in order to get the most out of cooking.

Tip: Advertise the less popular foods (such as achievement foods) on Trade channel to sell them faster!

Anyway, nothing else comes to my mind really, so with that, I'll end my guide! Hope you've learned something. Keep in mind that all of this was written from a medium population, inactive realm player's point of view. The prices you see here are just examples and if your realm is more active, you'll probably be able to sell items for more... but there's always that competition.

Good luck with your sales!

- Nomine, Mazrigos EU