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Legion Dungeons and Raids

  • More Dungeons than in Warlords of Draenor.
  • Halls of Valor: Level up dungeon above Stormheim, inspired by Valhalla. Learn more about the lore behind the Val'kyr--not the undead ones, but the Northrend "pure shieldmaiden" lore.
  • Black Rook Hold: Ancestral home of Lord Ravencrest, Elven structure carved from stone. Now covered in a Dark Shadow.
  • Vault of the Wardens: where Gul'dan found Illidan, lined with cells, etc. Starting area for Demon Hunters--prison for greatest threats. Place of darkness and evil.
  • Eye of Azshara: Azsuna - deal with minions and naga of Queen Azshara.
  • Darkheart Thicket: base of the world tree, the heart of the Nightmare Corruption. You cut your way through brambles and rescue Malfurion from corruption.
  • Neltharion's Lair: cavern where the Earthwarden lived, before he was Deathwing. Now home of the Highmountain warriors - you need to venture in to return Pillar of Creation.
  • Helheim: Polar opposite of Halls of Valor. The cursed spirits get on the ship to Helheim where they are cursed for all eternity. If you like Grimrail Depot, you'll like this as it's the Ghostship of the Damned--you're sailing on a ship!
  • Suramar City: City of night. The Nightborne rule from their palace--catacombs and noble houses. You need to uncover ties to Legion and ultimate plan that is unfolding.
  • Violet Hold: Dalaran is coming with us to the Broken Island, so Violet Hold is too. There are deep secrets that we never uncovered. When the city is in proximity to Tomb of Sargeras, it awakens new powers. Dungeon shows origins of Dalaran and world itself.
  • Raids
  • Blizzard is pretty happy with raid structure in Warlords (Highmaul/Foundry), doing something similar in Legion.
  • Emerald Nightmare
  • 7 Bosses
  • Emerald Dream, twisted and Shadow
  • Players constantly want to see Emerald Dream--what's behind the portal when they fought Green Dragons in early WoW.
  • Created by Titans as blueprint for Azeroth--unspoiled version of world. Now, something has gone horribly wrong.
  • Climb up into tree and cross through barrier that separates reality from the dream.
  • Pursue Cenarius, face Xavius
  • Suramar Palace
  • 10 Bosses
  • Grand Magistrix has brokered deal with Legion.
  • Legion has corrupted Titan pillar.
  • Traditional layout, similar to Black Temple. Start from catacombs and work way up to heart of Nightwell.
  • Home to the Nightwell, centre of Suramar's power
  • Face off against Gul'dan - we'e been chasing him for a long time. Ultimate boss of the Suramar Palace Raid.
  • If you love Orc spikes and fel, you'll be disappointed--the city is Royal Elven in style. Elegant, magical.

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